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All You Need to Know Before Buying CBDA

CBDA has been gaining consumer interest and many are calling it the “new CBD.” But what exactly is CBDA and is it better than the well-known CBD? In this guide we will answer those questions and more, teaching you everything you need to know before buying CBDA products.

What’s CBDA?

CBDA is an acidic cannabinoid that can be found in the hemp plant. It is the most predominant acidic cannabinoid in hemp and serves as the precursor to CBD. This means when CBDA is decarboxylated, a process where cannabinoids are exposed to heat, it converts to CBD. On its own it has a wide range of benefits, leading global solution providers to find ways to extract CBDA at a mass scale, thus delivering more CBDA products to the market for consumers to enjoy.

What is CBDA good for?

CBDA is less researched compared to CBD, though emerging studies have discovered CBDA has a vast number of potential benefits. Some of the benefits of CBDA include:
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-nausea
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant

What’s the difference between CBD and CBDA?

While CBD and CBDA share some similarities, they also differ in many ways. CBDA has been found to be 19x more bioavailable than CBD. Bioavailability is the percentage or fraction of a drug that reaches systemic circulation and is able to have an effect.
CBDA’s astounding bioavailability allows for lower doses of CBDA to feel therapeutic benefits, and also makes it a more powerful therapeutic for a variety of instances. Many have taken notice of CBDA’s bioavailability including GW Pharma, the maker of Epidiolex-a pharmaceutical anticonvulsant drug with a fixed ratio of CBD. They are currently seeking FDA approval for another version of their drug, this time with CBDA. Within the patent, it was noted CBDA was more effective at reducing the frequency and duration of seizures than CBD, accrediting CBDA’s bioavailability. Additionally, it was noted patients would need much lower doses of CBDA than CBD to achieve the desired effects.
CBDA also has superiority in other ways, such as its greater binding affinity to the 5-HT1A or serotonin receptor. The serotonin receptor is most commonly recognized for its role in mood, memory, and cognition. However, it is responsible for modulating dozens of critical processes in the body including nausea, vomiting, pain signals, and the cardiovascular system. CBDA’s greater binding affinity to the receptor makes it a better choice than CBD for an array of conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and nausea.

What CBDA products are available?

CBDA is available in a wide range of products including tinctures, edibles, and beverages. When searching for CBDA for sale, it is best to find a brand that uses a reputable CBDA manufacturer. You also want to ensure the company has a COA (Certificate of Analysis) and third-party lab testing available to ensure you are getting high-quality CBDA.
When buying cannabinoid-based products most are labeled either broad spectrum, full spectrum, or isolate. While all may contain some levels of CBDA, CBDA isolate will contain the most. CBDA isolate is a high-purity extract of the acidic cannabinoid that has been isolated from all other components of the plant. CBDA isolate typically has 99% or higher purity and is the best choice to gain the benefits of CBDA. It is also ideal to use when adding CBDA isolate to existing cannabinoid-based formulations. Some of the best CBDA oil is made using CBDA isolate.
CBDA is a minor acidic cannabinoid that is making a major impact on those who consume. It has a wide range of benefits it can deliver and, in many ways, works better than the well-known CBD. CBDA can be a great addition to one’s health and wellness routine, as well as an amazing additive to existing cannabinoid-based formulations to elevate the effects for consumers.
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