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Is CBDA better than CBD?

CBDA has been gaining popularity due to the fact it is now available in a stable form able to infuse into cannabinoid-based formulations, bringing more products with CBDA to consumers.
Both researchers and consumers have their eye on CBDA and for good reason. Up and coming research is showing it is beneficial in numerous instances and may even be better than CBD! In this guide we are going to learn a few advantages of CBDA when compared to CBD.

Higher Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the percentage or fraction of absorption of an administered drug or supplement that reaches the systemic circulation and is available to have an active effect. A study published in the 24th Annual Symposium of the International Cannabinoid Research Society stated CBDA is 19x more bioavailable than CBD. This means our bodies absorb more CBDA in comparison to CBD! When ingesting CBD more is getting lost before the body can obtain the benefits.
Additionally, a patent filed by GW Pharma found CBDA was more effective at treating seizures than CBD and credited it to the higher bioavailability of CBDA. It was noted patients could then use less CBDA in comparison to CBD.

Greater Affinity for Serotonin Receptors

Through research, CBDA has demonstrated a greater affinity to the 5-HT1A or serotonin receptor. In a 2013 study CBDA showed a 100-fold greater affinity to the serotonin receptor than CBD, allowing for lower doses of CBDA for a variety of instances. The bodies serotonin receptor is most commonly known for its role in controlling mood. However, it is responsible for modulating dozens of critical processes in the body including pain signals, nausea and vomiting, and the cardiovascular system.
There is a need for more clinical trials, however research indicates CBDA may be more powerful in instances where activation of the 5-HT1A receptor is crucial, such as in the cases of anxiety disorders and depression.


Both CBD and CBDA exhibit a wide range of benefits. CBD has been studied extensively and can help those with pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, anxiety and depression, and so much more. Though there is less research on CBDA it has demonstrated it can help reduce pain, inflammation, hyperalgesia, nausea and vomiting, anxiety and depression, and can reduce seizures.
Through research CBDA has demonstrated itself to be more powerful than CBD in a variety of instances including reducing seizures.
With numerous clinical trials underway soon we will know of the many benefits this powerful acidic cannabinoid holds. Will CBDA show itself to have just as many benefits as CBD, and continue to show itself more powerful in those instances? Only time and research will tell.
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