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The Science Behind Why CBDA is More Powerful Than CBD

Most people have heard of CBD. After all, products with CBD can be found in most major retailers, and commercials for CBD products are aired on mainstream tv channels now. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in 7 adults currently use a CBD product to support their health and wellness. But did you know that it’s precursor CBDA is even better than the well-known CBD? Research has emerged demonstrating CBDA as the superior cannabinoid, and consumers can even use lower doses of CBDA compared to CBD to feel therapeutic benefits! Let’s take a deeper look at what research has to say about why CBDA is more powerful than CBD.

What is CBDA?

First, what is CBDA? CBDA is not the same as CBD, though closely related. When CBDA is decarboxylated, or exposed to heat, it converts to CBD. This conversion is one of the main reasons it only recently became available in a stable form to infuse into cannabinoid-based product applications. When cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp plant using traditional solvents, such as butane or ethanol, heat is often needed in the extraction process. This causes a conversion of the acidic cannabinoids to their neutral counterparts before the final extract is obtained, leaving trace amounts, if any, of the acidic cannabinoids left. At Essentia Scientific we remedied this problem by using water as the solvent for extraction, thus eliminating the need for heat. By forgoing high temperatures, we can then extract CBDA at a mass scale.
CBDA has an array of benefits it can deliver to consumers. Here are some of the many benefits of CBDA:
• Anti-Inflammatory
• Reduces Hyperalgesia-An increased sensitivity to pain caused by muscle and tissue injuries, chronic pain, and long-term opioid use.
• Anti-Anxiety and Anti-depressant
• Anti-Nausea
Though CBDA has been less researched compared to other cannabinoids, studies show to be a powerful therapeutic for an array of ailments and diseases. It can also be a great addition to one’s routine to support overall health and wellness.

Why is CBDA better than CBD?

Through research, CBDA has demonstrated astounding superiority to CBD. A study published in the 24th Annual Symposium of the International Cannabinoid Research Society discovered CBDA is 19x more bioavailable than CBD. Bioavailability is the fraction or percentage of an administered drug or supplement that reaches the systemic circulation and is able to have an active effect. This means that when an individual ingests an equivalent amount of CBD and CBDA, the body can absorb more CBDA. This not only makes CBDA more powerful in many ways, but also allows for lower doses of CBDA for therapeutic benefit in a variety of instances including reducing pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, and so much more.
Many have taken notice of CBDA’s advantages, including GW Pharma. GW Pharma is the maker of Epidiolex, an FDA approved drug with a fixed ratio of plant-derived CBD to help patients with various seizure disorders.
CBD has shined in the spotlight for many years, and now it is time for CBDA to shine. The acidic cannabinoid has many benefits, some the same as CBD. However, it has a much more powerful effect on the body. CBDA can be a great addition to a cannabinoid routine to help maintain health and wellness. Additionally, it is a great acidic cannabinoid to add into existing cannabinoid formulations, to boost the therapeutic effects felt by those who consume the product.
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