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The Significant Effect of Adding CBDA Isolate Into Existing Cannabinoid-Based Formulations

CBD products have become extremely popular with an estimated one in seven adults using a CBD product to benefit their health and wellness. And it’s no wonder due to the many benefits CBD holds. But what if there was a cannabinoid that worked in similar ways to CBD, but even better? That’s CBDA. CBDA isolates are a valuable addition to an existing cannabinoid-based formulation to elevate the effects felt by those who consume. Let’s take a look at the many advantages CBDA isolates offer.

What is a CBDA isolate?

CBDA isolate is a high-purity extract of the acidic cannabinoid, CBDA. They typically have 99% or higher purity and are a great option to introduce CBDA into cannabinoid-based formulations. At Essentia Scientific, we offer an array of CBDA extract options, including our truly water-soluble extracts with our clearly soluble solutions. The extract rapidly dissolves in your desired formulation, remains stable over time, and the flowable liquids and powders are easy to dose and handle. Unlike nano-emulsions or liposomes which form colloidal suspensions, our clearly water-soluble extracts form a true solution where the solvent and solute consist of a single phase, not separating over time. CBDA isolates and extracts offer an easy and seamless way to infuse CBDA into your cannabinoid-based formulations.

How is CBDA isolate different than CBD isolate?

CBDA may be closely related to CBD, though they are not the same. Research has found CBDA isolate is superior in many ways when compared to CBD isolate. To begin, CBDA has been found to be 19x more bioavailable than CBD. Bioavailability is the percentage or fraction of a drug or supplement that reaches systemic circulation and is able to have an effect. When an equivalent dose of CBDA and CBD are administered, the body absorbs much more CBDA. This allows for lower doses of CBDA to feel therapeutic benefits and makes it a more powerful cannabinoid for a variety of instances, including helping patients with nausea, anxiety, and depression. Many have taken notice of CBDA’s superiority, and a patent is currently filed with the FDA for the therapeutic use of CBDA to help patients with various. Currently, there is a CBD version and the maker, GW Pharma, wants to create a better version with CBDA. Within the patent, it is sited patients would need less CBDA to reduce the frequency of seizures compared to their CBD formula, accrediting CBDA’s bioavailability.
Additionally, CBDA has demonstrated a greater affinity to the 5-HT1A or serotonin receptor. The receptor is most commonly recognized for its role in mood support, though it is responsible for modulating dozens of critical processes including pain signals, nausea, and the cardiovascular system. CBDA’s greater affinity to the receptor makes it a more powerful therapeutic for numerous uses, such as helping patients with anxiety and depression, or chemotherapy-induced nausea.

What products can be made with CBDA isolate?

Since CBDA converts to CBD when heated, it is crucial high heat is not introduced into the manufacturing process of the product you are making to ensure there is no conversion of CBDA. This also eliminates the option to craft smokables with CBDA if you are looking to leverage the benefits of the acidic cannabinoid. This is because once the consumer uses the product and combustion occurs, the heat causes a conversion. Making orally ingested or topically applied products are ideal. Here are just some of the many products that can be made with CBDA isolate.

Orally Ingested Products with CBDA Isolate

  • Edibles
  • Beverages
  • Tinctures
  • Gum
  • Capsules

Topically Applied Products with CBDA Isolate

  • Lotions
  • Patches
  • Bath Soaks
  • Skin Care
CBDA may be a minor cannabinoid, but it has the potential to make a significant effect when introduced to an existing cannabinoid-based formulation. Not only will your consumers experience the elevated benefits CBDA offers, but they will also feel boosted effects of the other cannabinoids in the product, by leveraging the entourage effect. CBDA isolates are a great way to infuse the acidic cannabinoid into almost any product you desire.
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